GrantTax is readily prepared to assist you in all your personal or corporate bookkeeping tasks, for any industry. With experience in small business accounting we:

- Review and sort all your financial documents
- Categorize expenses
- Attach invoices to corresponding transactions
- Match receipts
- Reconcile accounts, bank and credit card statements
- Produce clean and detailed reports of your accounts
- Create tax-ready financial statements
Of course, we also file taxes for you!

When taking care of your accounts, we target accuracy with responsibility. We record and manage all financial data and ensure you are ready at tax time. Our financial statements are prepared with scrutiny, allowing us to analyze the financial performance of your business and create proper statements.

The income statement monitors how much your company spends and earns each month. All transactions taken from documents are organized into appropriate categories, enabling us to produce the statements that describe the essential activity of your business – your revenue and income.

The balance sheet states the stock of how much you own and how much you owe every month. We export data on detailed spreadsheets that allow us to create budgets, forecasts and financial models for your business. It entails the worth of your business – your assets and equity.

We ensure that you and GrantTax are always on the same page. With mutual understanding and honesty, we can make wise decisions for your business. Rely on us for organized records, easy-to-read reports and quality financial statements with our precise and professional bookkeeping services.