The Canadian retail industry has long been considered a global player. With globalization, Canadian companies have had to compete with imports from low wage countries and retailers have become larger and more globally connected by continuing to build glob

Many organizations are shifting from being production-driven to being market-driven. Today's buyer is savvy, informed, equipped with the latest technology and has higher expectations than ever before. Organizations must adjust their business models to address the impacts of this new reality and the trends driving it.
Hospitality is an exciting and rewarding industry that consists of offering customers a variety of services to satisfy their many needs. After selecting a sector, location, employers, and daily job activities, managers use financial information to make good decisions on how to improve the operating and effectiveness of any service business such as restaurant, hotel, travel agency, jewelry store, club, spa, gas station, or institutional facility. Internal controls such as cost, manpower, customer target and profitability all require proper planning and financial reporting for the business to thrive.